Help Your Young Athletes To Succeed !



Performance Sport Center

  • Forming an education through a combat sport;
  • Improving / stabilizing the school situation of young athletes;
  • Modeling a more balanced and organized character for a successful future;
  • Introducing into school a system of educating young people through sport, with satisfaction from both sides.

By sharing the same vision within the community and noticing lack of access to empowerment resources, we have decided to build the Performance Sport Center , and to facilitate a new vision in Romanian academic space, where opportunities and dreams develop directly in proportion with wishes and effort.

We want to teach practical skills that encourage the confidence and independence in young adults, to create a space tailored to the needs and desires of the community.

For this to happen, we need to rent a space that provides a cultural context, an organizational basis to help materialize concepts. The space must be fluid, inviting, flexible and responsive to learning needs.

We want a team of 10 young children between the ages of 7 and 20 to teach, form prepare and coach to a performance career.
The youngsters will have everything they need to evolve in sport and to participate in national and possibly international competitions. Participating in the national junior championship being one of the goals for the first year.

Together with our partners, we will do our best to train as good as possible, to have training structured on the needs of everyone but also the team, to have a proper nutrition plan and to take part of an environment conducive to harmonious development.

At the same time, the Center will organize, together with partners, workshops in different fields, where young people’s employability skils will increase for the time they finish their studies.
Mainly, the workshops will focus on healthy living, well-being, mindfulness, productivity, helping others, cost effectiveness, and sports psychology a growing field with enormous potential. All the workshops will be defining and character making both for young people and for the community they are part of.

All the studies made by top universities around the world, on the link between education and sports, say that practicing sport leads to an academic growth in young children and develops their team spirit and also provide problem-solving skills, but not only.
We believe that it is time to help implement a complex system of practicing sports of any kind in the general schools and high schools in Romania.

We want sport to be complementary in youth education so as to reduce the pressure of school results, form them so that they do not feel indebted, but to be prepared for a balanced and stable adult life.

Sport creates a strong character, self-confidence, team spirit, reduces stress and produces a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the most effective methods of psycho-education and especially helps to increase self-confidence, challenging athletes every moment to achieve better results and implementing a positive thinking in reaching the next level, regardless of the field.