Human Performance Psychology understand the need for an individually tailored program which will assist anyone who is committed to overcome stress related conditions like: post injuries disbeliefs, week motivation, stress related with problems, anxiety, depression and mild substance dependencies.

      Our results are achieved by using a range of evidence based therapies selected to target a particular condition.


If you experience any of this problems, we can help!


  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Substance dependency
  • Alcohol dependency
  • Self doubt
  • Eating issues
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Goal setting issues
  • Self psychological blocks to achievement of better performance
  • Post injury disbeliefs
  • Week Motivation
  • Burnout
  • Psychosomatic pain


             Human Performance Psychology combines various programs with psychological, physical, educational and social strategies along with a focus on nutritional elements to help you combat and eradicate the root cause of your condition.