About Us

Human Performance Psychology Platform is the place where you can be in contact with sport psychologists, performance psychologists, health professionals and mental coaches who offer mentoring and new experiences to all communities of coaches, athletes, exercisers, fitness professionals, and athletic trainers, children, parents, and young adults.

The purpose of the platform is to provide you with a dedicated place where you can read, learn and discuss physical and psychological rehabilitation through: training and coaching.

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Despite the focus on sports psychology and business growth, however, it seems obvious that Human Performance Psychology applies to any endeavor or achievement. So, while you may see most articles and links on this site applied to business and career, you will also find a significant amount of content applicable to general self-improvement as well as to education. 


Our goal is to educate a generation of ambitious, talented, and healthy people, oriented towards personal and professional success.

Human Performance Psychology is a cultural space that invites periodic teachers, local entrepreneurs, activists, artists, people who can provide moral support by sharing their personal success story.

We offer an alternative and modern model that employs internal resources for personal development. Our platform is the perfect space for learning in a supportive environment.

We believe that mental and physical support should be for everybody and everyone is welcome!