Why it’s important to always stay positive?

Why it's important to always stay positive

Every cell in our body has a perfect awareness of what we think and feel, so if we want to change the state of our body, we have to change the state of our consciousness. (Deepak Chopra, endocrinologist and Ayurvedic medicine specialist)

The brain is the computer that runs the entire body. When a thought or feeling occurs, the brain produces chemicals called neuropeptides. The cells that defend our body have specific reception points for these substances, so when a thought or sensation occurs, our immune system detects it, that is, our immune system is constantly listening to our internal dialogue. When our mind is calm, our body is relaxed; if we are depressed or stressed, our defense system will also be so, which can have harmful effects on cellular immunity. 

Having good thoughts, feeling joyful and happy, with dreams and clear goals, loving ourselves and others, letting go of our past and being grateful will stimulate our defense system and better prepare us to face any setback.

Laughing, keep being optimistic despite adversity, remembering only the positive, can be beneficial for health, and all because of the difference between the left and right parts of the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Not only are the benefits of laughter associated with the relaxation of dozens of muscles, but a positive attitude towards life ensures “milder” illnesses than those normally suffered.

A team of researchers from the North American University of Wisconsin recently presented a study focused on the responses of the prefrontal cortex in the immune system. It provides that the right part of the cortex is associated with negative emotions, that is, the brain emits a weaker immune response to diseases.

The research associated negative feelings in patients who had been vaccinated against influenza, developing after six fewer antibodies than those who received the same vaccine, but enrolled in a program that reinforced positive thoughts with those that activated the left side of the prefrontal cortex.

The study was carried out with 52 women aged between 57 and 60 years. They were asked to think for one minute about a past experience full of happiness and then to write it down for a further five minutes. The other half was asked the same but while thinking of a panorama full of sadness, resentment and anger. All of them had their brain electrical activity recorded with an encephalogram and, subsequently, the flu vaccine was inoculated. Six months later, researchers found a greater number of antibodies in patients who had reflected positive thoughts, and who, therefore, had activated the left part of the prefrontal cortex to a greater extent.

Those who had induced negative reasoning, thus activating the right part of the cortex, generated fewer antibodies. Furthermore, the results linked the right part of the cortex with certain types of immune cells that appear to alter the functioning of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health reveals similar results, that is people with a positive mood have a 52% lower risk of dying from infection, 39% less risk of dying from stroke, 38% of doing so from cardiorespiratorydiseases and 16% to die from cancer.

In general, research has supported a more straightforward relationship between specific expectancies and immunity: positive specific expectancies reduce the immunological impact of stressors within that domain.

Positive thinking helps with stress management and producing optimism that eventually leads to improving health. Positive thinking often starts with self-talk. Self-talk is the endless stream of unspoken thoughts that runs through your head. These automatic thoughts can obviously be positive or negative.

PhD Dr. Alexandru-Vladimir Ciurea, Romanian Scientist Association: “Positive thoughts – that’s how we should be. If we are frowning, upset, then we get nothing, neither do our interlocutors, nor those at work, nor those at home. That doesn’t lead to anything good. It also lowers immunity and makes us vulnerable to Covid. One of the means of fighting Covid is immunity, so positive thinking, our healthy lifestyle, freshness and physical activity.”

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