Most empowering and inspirational women of all time

They question gender equality, or cause media storms, celebrate everyone and continue to work our brains all year round. This March, these female heroines are presented to commemorate and celebrate International Women’s Day.

In our car, in public transport or in the comfort of our couch … a few flashbacks captured in short memories prove to be the ideal alternative to make the most of our free time. To feed personal reflections, but also debates at work, with our colleagues or during evenings with friends. Today, Women’s Day on March 8, take a look at the selection of the most inspired women in the foreground.

5 types of inspiring women to cultivate your feminism

The most literary

Understand the future, find the motivation to move on or heal your wounds … Don’t open a book by accident. From 2019, voracious readers such as former Minister of Culture Françoise Nyssen, comedian Marina Rollman or young author Marie-Aude Murail tell their three literary favorites for Le Book Club, presented by journalist Charlotte Pudlowski.

The most influential

Strong. In the summer of 2019, then in the last Christmas holidays, the journalist Léa Salamé received those who made the front page for their artistic, managerial, spiritual or even political skills. Former tennis player Amélie Mauresmo reflects on the power of her game, but also of her words, when she came out on top of her glory. Actress Béatrice Dalle, in turn, pulls her out of the pursuit of freedom and accepts her refusal to have a child. Or even more recently, writer Virginie Despentes weighs the impact of her harsh essay, King Kong Theory, its brutality and its ongoing struggle against self-censorship, despite the instability of the world.

The busiest

Since 2017, Sarah Koskievic has sought to understand what modern feminism looks like. For the purpose of her investigation, she interviewed important personalities of this movement: cartoonist Pénélope Bagieu, transgender activist Eli Erlick, instagrammer Noa Jansma, marathon runner Madame Gandhi, directors Ovidie and Erika Lust. And then Hurricane Weinstein and the hashtag #Metoo came to light, and the reporter decided to come back and interview them to find out what had really changed.

The most introspective

Accepting, appreciating and taking responsibility for your body, your desires and your sexuality requires a real effort. And yet, when done, it can move mountains. This emancipation may, for example, come from a legacy such as libertarian philosopher and historian Chantal Thomas, who says in an episode how her mother introduced her to sensuality through swimming. For others, it is about taking revenge for life, such as boxer Estelle Mossely, who threw her fists in a ring, or for the novelist and former culture minister, Aurélie Filippetti, to have a voice in the political arena.

The most physical

There are, of course, young women who enter the battle with their heads, tread the grass or dare the asphalt to play sports and challenge the ideas that are offered to them. Football, BMX, yoga, horseback riding, cheerleading … To describe each practice, two voices are heard: that of the professional, but also that of the amateur. If you take the time to listen to Simona Halep’s interviews, for example, you will find that these sports women demonstrate that, beyond simple passion, their discipline turns into a true revealer of autonomy.

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