How Can I Hack My Body Clock To Stay Fit ?

If you ever asked yourself, how you can hack your body clock to stay fit, now you can have your answer.

Consistency is key in keeping a healthy sleep schedule. There’s a best time for you to eat, exercise, and more.


Wait to work out.

Regardless of your inner clock, the optimal work-out time is in the afternoon and early evening. During the second half of the day, the body’s systems are geared up for action; the heart and lungs are performing most efficiently and the body is most limber.


Keep gym times consistent.

Everyone from novices to Olympians will get more from working out at the same time each day. Weight lifters who exercise at the same time consistently gain more power than those who work out at a variety of times during the day. This need for routine is considered important enough that circadian rhythm specialists help organize Olympic event scheduling.

Circadian type can give you a leg up.

Just as some sports, such as baseball or tennis, offer advantages based on right- or left-handedness, others favor early birds or night owls. The extreme owl may be at a disadvantage when playing golf, generally done in the morning or early afternoon. If you’re an owl, try nighttime basketball or soccer.

Eat by the clock.

Our internal clock responds to cues we give it about what time of day it is. Light is the most powerful cue, but when we eat is another important indicator. Body clock experts stress that consistent meal times are crucial in keeping the clock running smoothly.


Avoid the “post-lunch dip.”

Everyone tends to be groggy after lunch, regardless of whether they are an owl or early bird. But owls often have a bigger dip: They may overeat at lunch because they tend to skip breakfast. A balanced breakfast is essential for all circadian types. A brisk walk will also sharpen the brain.

Beware of midnight snacks.

Owls are notorious night nibblers, simply because they’re awake and often socializing during these hours. Such habits can lead to weight gain, because calories consumed at night are not immediately burned off.


The Best Time to Do Everything:

  • Dreaming most intense

Early Birds: between 4am and 5am

Night Owls: between 7am and 8am

  • Best mood

Early Birds: between 9am and 4pm

Night Owls: between 3pm and 10pm


  • Hand-eye coordination best

Early Birds: between 1:30pm and 3:30pm

Night Owls: between 6pm and 8pm


  • Most productive

Early Birds: between 9am and 1pm

Night Owls: between 7pm and 12am


  • Best time to exercise

Early Birds: between 4pm and 6pm

Night Owls: between 5:30pm and 7:30pm

  • Taste most acute

Early Birds: between 5pm and 7pm

Night Owls: between 8pm and 10pm


  • Alcohol best tolerated

Early Birds: between 7pm and 10pm

Night Owls: between 10pm and 1am


  • Best time to take an exam

Early Birds: between 8am and 10am

Night Owls: between 7pm and 9pm


What kind of type are you and witch are the best hours for you to get things done ?





  1. I’m an early bird, for the most part. I have the most productive before 1pm. If I don’t get started fairly early I have a hard time getting things done. As I sit here on the computer at 2:22am lol

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