The Blueprint of a Champion

There are many studies and researchers that investigates how and when a performance surface, but is not only related to the anatomical factor, it is the core beliefs of the athlete that influence most of the outcomes. Below you can find the blueprint of a successful sportsman.

An elite athlete believes in his abilities, he has self-confidence, focusalways on himself and not on his adversaries when he is under pressure. He treats negativity and last-minute doubt, with relaxation techniques like music, muscle relaxation, goal concentration and a vivid image of the victory.

And for all that to happen it is a must that the athlete allows himself to win. For victory, positive thinking is needed, which also attracts positive energy.
A champion also needs to accept that the possibility of defeat exists. This doesn’t mean to give up, on the contrary, it means to remove any fear of failure and not to perceive defeat as something totally negative. When a defeat happens, it will attract some benefits, like making him more alert and aware of weaknesses, with the possibility of correction.

The studies shows that top athletes have the best physical and mental training. Self-belief (trust, self-efficacy), a very strong self-confidence can only come from a very good training. A good (physical and mental) training is an investment that they do on themselves. When they become aware of the sacrifice and investment, they make every effort to win the competition. Somewhere in the athlete subconscious is a balance, and the results will not be less than the investment made.

A champion treats competitionrelated stressors (like : external factors, adversaries, critics, interruption of the match, program changes), anxiety (internal problems, nervous behavior), and he lives in the moment 100%, he does not let his fears and doubts stay in his way. Often, athletes hesitate to act because of the fear of failure. In this particularly scenario, the difference between an successful outcome and a lower performance, is that a champion always treats adversities in his favor!

For example in combat sports like Mixed Martial Arts, for the athlete to have the best mental focus, it is necessary to move into “another world “once he steps into the octagon, ring or tatami, where sometimes nothing more is heard then the coach’s instructions.
Another common factor for all the successful athletes, is their ability to stay calm in the middle of the storm. Regardless of how agitated is the audience, whatever side the public is, a champion always maintain its calm and balance in his inner world.

All champions have a commitment to themselves and to the sport. This means that giving up isn’t an option, whatever impediments he has in training or in the lost battles.

Perseverance and constancy leads to performance, and that’s the most common factor for all the champions.





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