The Story of a Traveler

For today, I thought to share with you a story. 

A traveler was walking a dusty road. He was loaded with all kinds of burdens. A heavy bag filled with sand was hanging on his back, he also had a heavy bottle of water that was hanging around his waist. In his right hand he carried a peculiar stone, in his left hand another heavy rock.

Around his neck, a millstone leaned at the end of a wear out rope. The rusty chains that were pulling heavy burdens in the dusty road, were hurting his ankles. On his head, the man was holding a half of a rotten pumpkin in balance. With each step the chains ware making noise. Moaning and sobbing, he was moving forward step by step, crying his hard fate and his fatigue.

On the road, in the heat of the day, he meets a farmer. The farmer asked him : ” O… tired Traveler, why do you carry this heavy stone ? ”

” How awfully careless I’m; I didn’t notice it earlier” , the Traveler responded. Noticing this he trowed away the heavy stone, and he felt relieved.

After another long walk down the road, he met another farmer, and the farmer asked him: “Tell me, tired Traveler, why do you go with the rotten pumpkin pumpkin your head and why do you pull the iron chains behind you ?

The traveler replied, I’m am very glad you showed them to me! I didn’t realized what I’ve done to myself. Then he put down the chains and crushed the pumpkin into the roadside ditch.

Once again, he felt felt more relief. But the further he went, the more he suffered again. Further on his road another farmer coming from the field crossed his path, looked at him with astonishment and said : ” O good man, why do you carry a bag full of sand, when you have sand all over the place, when is more than you could ever carry? And your heavy big bottle of water is like like you plan to cross the desert. Did you know that a clean river flows by the roadside and it will accompany in your journey for a long time ? ”

Hearing all of this the Traveler, emptied the bottle of water on the roadside. Then he filled a pit with the sand from his back. He stood there, thinking and looking at the sunset. The last sunlights ware warming his face. He took a good look at himself, and he noticed the mill stone hanging hard on his neck, and suddenly realized that it was the stone, that made him walk crunched.

With one move, he untied the mill stone, and he throw it the river as far as he could. Released by his burdens, the Traveler wakes further through the evening chill, to find shelter.

Therapeutic storytelling (or healing storytelling) is a form of storytelling that uses creative metaphors to tell individualized stories that help to address challenging experiences in a child’s (or adult’s) life, offering possible resolutions and the opportunity for insight and reflection.

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