Helping a Fellow Colleague

I’ve been saying in my last post, success relies on the value you create for yourself and for others. No successful person has had success on their own. You enhance your value by enhancing your friends’ and customers’ value. Always find a way.

And this brought me to what I’ve wanted to share with you today. I’ve recently received a wonderful message from an fellow college. She asked me if I could help share and make her work known. Her name is Paula Mazur and she is an aspiring Sports Psychologist who wrote a wonderful piece called “ Stress-Less Coaching! Understanding and Tackling Coaching Stress.  

Here you have some extracted ideas to see and follow.  If you want to read the entire article, witch I recommend, you can click on the link.

“When discussing stress within elite performance settings, we automatically consider high performance athletes, and athletes’ support teams are overlooked. Specifically, the complexity of elite coaching environments is loosely explored with regard to stress and well-being[1]. Yet, coaches work in the same environments, and often with added pressure. Coaches are performers too!

“Winning can, obviously, mask a lot of things. … But we all spend a lot of time away from family. We all spend a lot of time in the office. There are moments for all of us where you wonder is this all worth it.”

– Dan Leibovitz, College and NBA Basketball Coach (1996-2013)

“As a coach, I felt I couldn’t offer what I should offer. That made things too difficult for me. It was specifically my problem. I couldn’t do it. I kept suffering from stress. I was the one who needed to take the decisions. Everybody’s looking at you. ‘What, when, who, how and where?’”

– Marco Van Basten, Football Manager (2004-2014)j

Clearly, the topic of stress among coaches has been neglected[1]. One in every three coaches leaves the profession due to stress they experience. Notably, coaches are not introduced to stress management strategies. Hence, research in this domain has to be made readily available to coaches and managers. Throughout this blog, I aim to reach coaches and organizations, to raise awareness about the experience of stress and provide strategies to combat the negative effects associated with it. “

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