The Easy Way To Achieve Success


This past days I’ve thought a lot about success, and how to actually achieve it, and I’ve come up with several ideas to fallow up on your personal journey to success.


  • Personal success relies on the value you create for yourself and for others.
  • No successful person has had success on their own. You enhance your value by enhancing your friends’ and customers’ value. Always find a way.
  • Take a step back from your expectations. Accept the fact that you’ll be looking for some theoretical utopical definition of success and/or happiness that you overheard some random time from some random brag of some random guy trying to verbalize his thoughts as naturally as possible.
  • But like the guys from X-Files said: the truth is out there.
  • Don’t settle for what anyone tells you. Or gives you. If they give you too little, you’ll think that’s normal. If they give you too much, you think THAT’S normal. Neither is. But then again, they both are. Find out which is which.
  • Find out what drives people. Find out what drives you.
  • Be curious. Be humble. Fear things, but be brave, take them on, then fail. But always learn, always improve, always re-iterate, always succeed.
  • And aim higher, always aim higher.


From reading something on a website to actually trying stuff out, there’s usually a long road. It’s a road paved with doubt, disbelief and distrust. I understand. Why would you trust a stranger that you’ve got nothing in common with? How’s that even possible? But you do.

Do you know Oprah Winfrey personally? Brad Pitt? Steven Spielberg? Neil deGrasse Tyson? Do you chat frequently? You might, but most likely don’t. You do remember them, though.

You remember the a-ha moments you had while watching them. The glass shattering moments when you realized what an idiotic thing you’ve done earlier. The feelings you felt when good won over evil. Your subconscious remembers all of them and it acts on the conclusions you reached. So try for yourself. And know that feeling good tomorrow relies on doing good today.


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