Athlete’s Ups and Downs and How to Turn a Loss in A Win


After European Championship of Brazilian Jiujitsu, I talked with some athletes about the ups and downs experienced after losing a contest, and how to get back on track with the right perspective. 

I wanted to write about this particular subject, because I’ve seen up close how harmful and damaging can be for athlete’s self image, the emotional impact of a lost fight or when things are not going accordingly with the plan.

I’ve been studying the complexity of feelings and emotions felt by the athlete in this situation because I wanna give you inspiration and power to go forward with your dream, knowing that what you feel is perfectly normal and it is a part of the process to your success.

Definitely being an athlete has its benefits, you get to train and play the sports you love while competing against the best in your league. In sports, there are times you win and there are times you will lose. It is important to keep an open mind and not get too down or get too excited.

Some people will get into a depression state when they lose, on the other hand, others will desire to work unstoppable until they hurt themselves, thinking that losing has to do only with training harder.

Other will tell themselves that if they could have done this, or that, then they wouldn’t have lost. But isn’t true, sport is like life, we can’t control everything. But we can learn and grow by experiencing bad days, and really enjoy it and be thankful for the good ones, keeping in mind that not always is going to be a smooth ride.

What’s really important for you, is to learn from mistakes, but you shouldn’t let it consume your energy or spend time over thinking and over analyzing. If it happens to be the athlete that gets down, which is perfectly normal time to time, there are several healthier and better ways to cope with negative feelings after a lost contest.


You should try to:

 👉 Focus on the Present ( vs past /future), go back in training, body and mind.

 👉 Focus on the Positive ( vs negative / mistake), and remove the negative from your mind. There are going to be ups and downs for everyone in their journey, even for the best of the best.

👉 Focus on the Process ( vs. outcome / results ), at this stage you my think about your next game and plan out how you will not make the same mistake twice. You should remember the times that you excelled / and helped your team win.

👉 Be Grateful and enjoy the moment, don’t look ahead, it is a time for everything.

Agree ?









  1. I would also add that following a win or a loss, think about the successes and recreate these as a virtual “video” that you can use to then visualize successful actions for the next game/race/match/event. Enjoying the posts. Good stuff.

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    1. You are so right, the imaginative process of a win or loose situation it is a technique used by sport psychologist. This mental mode of operation is teaching more or less rigorous sequence of compositions, decompositions and re-compositions, integrations and disintegrations of this situation. For example, before the game, the athlete visualizes the technique of kicking at the gate, the game schemes, the strategies to be applied, but especially visualizing the victory, imagine it by scoring. He uses mental images to visualize how well he perform during the competition. This positive way of viewing can change your attitude towards competition and personal performance.


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